Hae Su Zen Center Restoration Project

In continuation of the founding spirit of Hae Su Temple as well as the Luk Wu legacy of Zen practice, Zen Master Dae Kwan vows to revitalize Hae Su Temple as Hae Su Zen Center. This project will build a meditation hall and other facilities for over 100 people to practice together. Every year, the new center will offer long and short retreats for practitioners from Hong Kong and all over the world to purify their minds and rediscover their original nature of wisdom and compassion. Your kind support to this project will help propagate Zen teachings, through which we take care of our minds, protect Mother Earth, and preserve the culture of meditation.
Let us mark your name on our tiles.
Let us send your wishes on our path of Zen practice.
We thank you in advance for your generous support.

Sponsor Items:

In addition, we are inviting your generous support for the "Pillars of Dharma" which includes various main structures, Buddha altar and other main facilities.

There are Beam of Bodhi, Main Pillars of Hae Su, Beams of Attaining the Path, Pillars of the Empty Space, Dharma Gate of Non-duality, etc. Please click HERE to find an updated list of sponsor items of the "Pillars of Dharma".。

Please call 2891 9315 or WhatsApp 6220 6993 for enquiries or making donation.

Sponsor items


Beam of the Bodhi


Main Beam (1 pcs)

HK $3million

Perceive World Sound


Main Altar

HK$ 3 Million

Main Pillar of Hae Su


Main Pillar (4 pcs)

HK$ 500K / pc

Beam of Attaining the Path


Ceiling Truss (4 set)

HK$ 250K / set

Dharma Gate of Non-duality


1 Main Door and

2 Side Doors

Main Door: HK$ 200K

Side Door: HK$ 150K / pc

Pillar of the Empty Space


Hidden Pillar

(16 pcs)

*On the wall

HK$ 100K / pc

Clear Steps


Staircase (for Clear Steps)

HK$ 300K

Mother Earth


Wooden Floor

HK$ 100K / set


Tiles on the Floor and Wall

HK$ 50K /Set


Tiles on the Floor and Wall

HK$ 50K /Set

Bodhisattva of Fragrant Offering


Kitchen Cabinet and Refrigerator

HK$ 150K / set

Bodhisattva of Refreshing Breeze


Air Conditioning system

HK$ 100K / set

Bodhisattva of Dharma Sound


Audio and Visual System

HK$ 100K / set



We sincerely invite friends of ten directions to support our “One Tile One Vow” fundraising effort for the Renovation of Hae Su Zen Center through sponsoring the tiles and dedicating them to your family and friends. Please join us in this meritorious and joyful deed together!

There are a total of 4500 semi-cylindrical tiles at $500 per tile, and 8880 tiles at $300 per tile, available for sponsorship.

Donate Now

Step one
Please fill in digital donation form

Step two
Please select donation method

A. Stripe Online Transfer (via Credit Card)
Tile HK$300 / Semi-cylindrical Tile HK$500
*Please select type of tile and then you may adjust the quantity of tiles to be sponsored in the payment webpage.

B. PayPal Online Transfer (via Credit Card)

C. Cheque
Please send the Crossed Cheque (payable to "Hae Su Soen Won Limited") together with personal particulars (including: Name, Address, Mobile no. Donor's Name on receipt) to 5/F Starlight House, 32 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong for record keeping and issuance of official receipt.

D. Direct Bank Transfer
Please deposit to HSBC a/c: 640-081816-838 and WhatsApp the bank-in slip to 6220 6993 for record keeping and issuance of official receipt.
*Please call 2891 9315 or email to info@waisau.org for enquiries.
*Donations over HK$100 are tax deductible.
*Hae Su Zen Center will dedicate merits to all donors.

E. Faster Payment System ("FPS")​
Please transfer to "Hae Su Soen Won Limited" FPS account (Proxy ID: Mobile number 9046 5456) and WhatsApp the screen capture of donation record to 6220 6993 for record keeping and issuance of official receipt.

F. PayMe​
Please scan the below QR Code or donate through this link: https://qr.payme.hsbc.com.hk/2/6ThDGoGWWLRjMjC7PR4ftu and WhatsApp the screen capture of donation record to 6220 6993 for record keeping and issuance of official receipt.